We have an obligation to our customers to safeguard evidential assessment of any analysis and the ultimate rights of our customers.

Two factor Authentication

When 2FA is set up, no one can access your accounts without providing a digital key. These codes are always changing each time you need them, so it is almost impossible for someone to guess them and get access. 

If and when necessary, we will identify internationally accepted standards and rules for substantiating suspicions and providing evidence in court and project them onto current cryptocurrency forensics practices by providing an empirical analysis of BCB Xchange Ltd transactions. Employ a methodical information contribution framework that cultivates compliance with existing legal and official standards in the realm of cryptocurrency forensics. For the purpose of buying, selling and transferring of Cryptoassets we endeavour to have the appropriate permissions for these activities. More information of these activates can be found - 33 CP19/3 Chapter 3 Financial Conduct Authority Guidance on Cryptoassets. These will likely include arranging deals in investments (article 25(1) of the RAO), and making arrangements with a view to investments (article 25 (2) of the RAO).

Some of the Cryptoassets we may list in the future may be tokens which are also constituted Financial Instruments under MiFID, thus BCB Xchange Ltd may also seek to have permission to operate a multi-lateral trading facility or, an organised trading facility (article 25D and 25DA of the RAO)

Cryptocurrency Forensics

BCB Xchange Ltd will Integrate third party proposed frameworks into modern cryptocurrency analytics tools to produce a more efficient and effective safeguarding protocol. BCB Xchange Ltd will utilise analytics from cryptocurrency payment flows used for forensic systems in police enforcement to investigate potential threats from a wide spectrum of criminal activities.

We will practise two major protocols as follows:

  • Thoroughly investigate transnationally established legal benchmarks and guidelines for providing court-proof evidence and derive key requests for forensic cryptocurrency investigations and discuss possible threats of clustering approaches.
  • we transform those requirements into an information sharing context for police task force agencies that provides safeguards to maintain the evidential value of forensic cryptocurrency investigations by ensuring compliance with existing regulations.

To the best of our knowledge, these procedures will be sufficient to tackling cryptocurrency forensics and analytics from a combined legal and technical perspective.

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